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Dog Walker

Daily Dog Walks

Day walks are Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm.  We stop at your home while you are away.  We pick up your dog and exercise them for 1/2 hour.  When we finish we have communication notebooks that are left at your home and we log in and leave a summary of our visit for you to read when you return home.

We currently have 20 to 25 dogs a day.  Mike and I run the days together.  We have built up neighborhoods and at times walk 2 to 5 dogs at a time.  We also do large play groups with social dogs.  We base our walks on the needs of our dogs.  Dogs can be walked alone, join a play group, or may walk with other doggie friends.  We are a family run business so at times our 2 girls accompany us on walks.  It is fun for the dogs to have kid interaction too.  

Walks are 1/2 hour and are $21.50

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